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How we began.

Started in the kitchen of a Los Angeles rental, Loss Angeless Clothing originally was a “one off” t-shirt company. Travis and Manda, siblings who both came to LA for different reasons found their niche together with clothing design. They were able to produce one of a kind t-shirts for professional athletes, rock stars and actors. The company started seeing success. The “one off” business expanded into producing t-shirts with hip graphic designs and were featured in storefronts on the trendy Melrose Avenue shopping district. A website was created and popularity of the brand grew. Loss Angeless Clothing was on the track to becoming the new hip brand to hit LA, but something was missing.

Clothing with Purpose

After much thought the siblings decided that they wanted to take the Loss Angeless Clothing brand in a completely different direction, a non-profit. Through the extensive knowledge of their parents, both educators, they became blaringly aware of a void they could fill.

 The Facts

In the US currently 1 in 4 children live in a household that struggles to just put food on the table, that is 16.7 million children. This leaves having new clothes as a luxury some children will never experience. We live in a materialistic nation where you can be judged by the clothes you wear. Sadly this also is true of our children. A child lacking a wardrobe can feel “less than” by what is in his or her closet. They could suffer from self-image issues, inability to perform as well academically or not be given the same advantages as other children. A child could be bullied for what he or she wears. Bullying is a growing epidemic throughout America; 160,000 children stay home from school every day for fear of being bullied. There are a multitude of effects that could be caused by a child not having something as simple as a new t-shirt to wear.


The Growth of a Non-Profit Clothing Company


Travis, Manda and their parents, Douglas and Laura, banned together and took on the enormous task of trying to clothe disadvantaged children in the United States. Each person brings their own unique talents and qualities to the table. Travis with a BA in Fine Arts, a M.Ed in Kinesiology both from Stephen F. Austin State University, and a knack for branding. Manda with a BS from Texas A&M University based on non-profits and her ease at talking and befriending anyone. Douglas with a BS and M.Ed from Stephen F. Austin State University, a Ed.D from East Texas State College, his 45 years as an educator, and humble upbringing. Laura with a BS in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University, her hands-on knowledge as a teacher for 25 years, and her undying support.

Together the family started the Get One Give One (GO GO) concept, for every shirt sold Loss Angeless Clothing will match that shirt and donate it to a disadvantaged child.

With the support of the family behind her currently Manda Moore is the President of Loss Angeless Clothing, Ron Brooks serves as the Vice-President, Johnny Taylor the Treasurer, and Ren Bray as the Secretary.

Loss Angeless Clothing became an official 501 (c) (3) and has now been able to accept donations and apply those straight to producing shirts for donations as well as initiating programs in the community to help facilitate the all-around growth of the youth.

Propelling off the success of the brand, Loss Angeless Clothing was able to reach out to more celebrities. These celebrities became Our Heroes for helping to support Loss Angeless Clothing’s cause. Loss Angeless Clothing considers every donor, every volunteer and every individual that wears our shirts a Hero!

Two months a year were designated as the Months of Giving: May, right before the children are released from school for the summer break and August, when children are gearing up for the new school year. The two months serve as Loss Angeless Clothing’s bigger donation times; however, shirts are donated throughout the year. This year shirts have been donated through shelters, schools, county programs, and directly to children.

The idea is that our children have enough to deal with in this time, having new clothes to wear should NEVER be one of them.

The Move



After 9 years in Los Angeles, Manda Moore moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where she started the newest program of Loss Angeless Clothing, Dreams Closet. Dreams Closet is a strictly Las Vegas based program currently. Dreams Closet is special because the program incorporates all the programs previously established by Loss Angeless Clothing and delivers them throughout the Las Vegas community under one general program title. This program goes way beyond a simple t-shirt and is a huge transition for Loss Angeless Clothing to eventually take Dreams Closet nationally. Within a month of the start of Dreams Closet, the program has gained partnerships with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Peggy’s Attic, and The Clark County Youth Offenders Court just to name a few.  Dreams Closet has big dreams for the Las Vegas community and is well on the way to make that reality. Founder and Program Director Manda Moore is excited for the huge impact Dreams Closet will make on the community from individual levels to large scale achievements. Manda has big events planned as yearly fundraisers to fund all the partnerships and secondary programs. The hope is that Dreams Closet can be replicated in other communities across the nation.

The Future




Loss Angeless Clothing wants to also include not only t-shirts, but full wardrobe. This would allow the company to fully clothe a child.

The non-profit would also love to be able to expand and grow to the point that every city has been donated to. This is where the new program Dreams Closet comes in, to replicate this program in other communities, would allow for more focus to be shown to individual organizations that are established and struggling and create partnerships to promote their missions while simultaneously promoting Dreams Closet’s. 

Another goal is to establish LAC closets throughout the US where a child in need can shop for free! We are seeking local and national sponsors for this program currently.

Ultimately Loss Angeless Clothing wants the ability to continue to do good work and help children.