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FAQ about Dreams Closet

What is Dreams Closet?

Dreams Closet is a Las Vegas based program of Loss Angeless Clothing a 501 (c) (3) clothing company. Dreams Closet is special because the program incorporates all the programs previously established by Loss Angeless Clothing and delivers them throughout the Las Vegas community under one general program title. This program goes way beyond a simple t-shirt and is a huge transition for Loss Angeless Clothing to eventually take Dreams Closet nationally. Within a month of the start of Dreams Closet, the program has gained partnerships with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Peggy’s Attic, and The Clark County Youth Offenders Court just to name a few.  Dreams Closet has big dreams for the Las Vegas community and is well on the way to make that reality. Founder and Program Director Manda Moore now residing in Las Vegas is excited for the huge impact Dreams Closet will make on the community from individual levels to large scale achievements.

What type of help does Dreams Closet provide?

Dreams Closet works independently, through partnerships, and individuals.

Examples of Dreams Closet’s partnerships: 

Working with The Metropolitan Police Department, Dreams Closet has donated garments to be placed in every patrol car at one in need area for the Officers to distribute on shift to disadvantaged children they encounter. Up cycled DVD cases transformed into compact coloring cases are being placed in each patrol car as well to help children in tough situations feel comfort.

Working with Peggy’s Attic, Dreams Closet has donated to large drops off brand new clothing to help the already established program clothe 14-17 kids a day that are in foster program. Dreams Closet will make drops throughout the year in the hopes that the majority if not all the children that enter Peggy’s Attic will have the opportunity to choose something new from Dreams Closet.

Working with The Youth Offenders Court, Dreams Closet works with the incentive program already established to aide in keeping the participants of YO Court on their new path.  Recently Dreams Closet brought in Dirk Vermin of A&E’s Bad Ink to teach the participants about art and sketching. Dreams Closet has a fashion show planned, a T-Shirt Design Contest, and other incentive rewards in the works.

Examples of Individuals:

Recently Dreams Closet was called in regards to a young family that was struggling to keep clothes on their children’s backs. Dreams Closet immediately contacted the family and had the kids come “shopping” for free. Dreams Closet stays in contact with the individuals and supplies the children of these families with brand new clothing when the need arises. 

Dreams Closet was contacted by a teacher of a local elementary school in regards to the students not having clean clothes on when they arrive at school. Dreams Closet is now in the process of putting in a Free Closet into the elementary school so that all the students throughout the year will have the opportunity to shop for brand new clothes.

Can my organization or group get help from Dreams Closet?

Dreams Closet is open to new partnerships, please go to the contact page and send us an email.

Does Dreams Closet accept financial donations?

Yes and any donation is tax deductible. (ways to donate link to our donation page)

Does Dreams Closet accept donations of clothing?

Dreams Closet does accept donations of never used clothing, shoes, and accessories.

We do not accept used clothing but please donate any used children’s clothing to Peggy’s Attic

FAQ about Loss Angeless Clothing

What is Loss Angeless Clothing?

Loss Angeless Clothing (LAC) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) clothing company that targets not only a child’s wardrobe but their well-being. Our mission: No child should feel “less than” especially by what is in his or her closet. We donate brand new clothing to children in need from 0-18 years of age, develop community programs to target self-esteem issues, anti-bullying, LGBTQ acceptance and many other target issues today among America’s children. Our goal is to not let one’s circumstance hold them back from experiencing life to the fullest.

Currently we only donate within the United States as we feel our children here need our help too. We hope to one day go globally but only after we accomplish our goals here at home.

Is Loss Angless Clothing based in California?

Although we originated out of Los Angeles, California, Loss Angless Clothing is not California based, we have worked in multiple states and continue to do so.

What are the programs of Loss Angeless Clothing?

Anti-bullying campaign: public figures (Heroes) are brought in to speak with the children about how bullying can effect an individual, the basic rights of every human, and feelings that emerge from bullying. The public figure (Heroes) will also incorporate entertainment for the children to show community amongst them.

Expression through Art: Local artists are brought in to speak with children about the importance of expressing how they think and feel to promote a healthy outlet for aggression and anger.

It’s Good To Be Me Program: A program geared towards healthy self-image. Topics ranging from make-up artists teaching teen girls proper application of products to speakers on public presentation; all topics to improve the individuals feeling of self-value.

Equality For All: A program to teach individuals that race, gender, sexual preference or status do not define an individual’s self-worth. Speakers representing a broad spectrum of differences will find common ground together.

Abuse prevention and Counseling: A program to be implemented for schools or other community outreach programs to utilize. LAC hopes to provide volunteer counselors and therapists to speak with individual children in need at no cost.

LAC Closet: A program to set up free closets for hospitals, schools, community centers and the like for children at no cost to shop. LAC hopes to secure corporate sponsorships. 

Dreams Closet:  A special program that incorporates all the programs previously established by Loss Angeless Clothing and delivers them throughout the Las Vegas community under one general program title and adds new aspects through partnerships to help the Las Vegas community.

Can Loss Angeless Clothing help my school, community, or friend?

Yes Loss Angeless Clothing would love to hear about more ways to help. Please go to the contact page and email us

Does Loss Angeless Clothing accept financial donations?

Yes and any donation is tax deductible. (link to donations)

My company has new clothing stock we would like to donate, will Loss Angeless Clothing accept it?

Yes! We would be happy to accept any brand new clothing, please send us a message today! Contact Us